Do what you do

In the evening we decided to drink beer for the visit, the beginning of the session and the acquaintance with Alec. Soon it turned out that his sister, a young lady of about twenty-four or twenty-five, lived with him in addition to him. Soon she came and did not hesitate to join us.

She was already more cheerful, so after the acquaintance - and her name is Natasha, quickly settled down and took an active part in our chatter. Some time passed our residence in their apartment. One evening, when we once again sat at a beer, noting the exam not the exam, Natasha again came in cheerful, said that she marked the promotion and has a great desire yet.

No one was particularly against, but a simple booze did not suit her, she certainly wanted to go to a nightclub or a disco. In addition to me, no one was particularly enthusiastic to go after adventure. After a short fee, we already rushed a taxi to one of the clubs. Nothing remarkable happened there, except for the fact that I tried a bunch of exotic cocktails.
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